Donald Trump – Next President of the United States? All signs say YES!

Lutyen’s Post Special. Well it may not go down well with a lot of Americans but…


Are you living in Delhi NCR? Bad News! Your Child is breathing Toxic cancerous Air – UNICEF Report.

Are you living in New Delhi or Noida or Gurugram? Well chances are that you are developing lung cancer and so does your children. Latest report from UNICEF says about a third of the 2 billion children in the world who are breathing toxic air live in northern India mainly Delhi NCR and neighboring countries, risking serious health effects including damage to their lungs, brains and other organs. Of that global total, 300 million kids are exposed to pollution levels more than six times higher than standards set by the World Health Organization, including 220 million in South Asia.

Trump Supporters warn of “Revolution” if Hillary Clinton wins

After being branded as “Messiah” in India by Right wing organisations like Hindu Sena, Donald Trump supports are ready for a “Revolution”. Having two weeks left until Election Day, tensions between Donald Trump supporters and Hillary Clinton supporters are high. A campaigning season as unpredictable as this one, there is really no telling who will win and what will happen when either of them do (or don’t). Some people are already threatening to protest the results with violence — for example, former congressman Joe Walsh, who threatened armed revolution if Trump loses.